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This challenge is unique in Venlo, but is an proven concept that already created new and innovative ideas in Amsterdam en Gelderland. Find out more about the Circualar Challenge concept!

Gelderland Circular Challenge

In 2016 the Gelderland Circular Challenge was introduced. During the GCC 2016, business cases of the Gemeente Nijmegen, ARN and Stichting Vierdaagsefeesten where introduced. In Nijmegen, 8 teams came together and took part in the program of the Gelderland Circular Challenge.

Participants where asked to design a circular pavilion for the Gemeente Nijmegen, organise a waste free event for Stichting Vierdaagsefeesten, design a insect farm or come up with a new circular business model for Afval Energiebedrijf Nijmegen.


Amsterdam Circular Challenge

The Amsterdam Circular Challenge was the first regional challenge. During this challenge, companies like Waternet, Gemeente Amsterdam, Amsterdam Smart City and Afval Energie Bedrijf Amsterdam. Several teams came up with very innovative solutions for the business cases. Several examples where furniture made out of waterside waste of Waternet, a circular hardware store in Amsterdam and circular baby nutrition.

The winning team was Planq, who designed a chair made out of water side waste of Waternet. This team had such a good business case, causing them to found a successful start-up named Planq Design.