Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding the Venlo Circular Challenge please read this page carefully. We provide the answers for the most common questions.

What is the Venlo Circular Challenge?

A business case competition where students and starters from different disciplinary study backgrounds work on actual business challenges from large companies. You can discover what companies actually do with sustainability, put your own skills to the test and if you excel even have the opportunity to show yourself to the companies for potential job opportunities! With a carefully tailored program you are challenged to make a difference and come up with new and innovatieve ideas for your company. With help and support from experts, in this case in the fields of the circular economy and sustainable innovation, you and your team follow a program which teaches you new ways of problem solving. In a relatively short period of time you and your team are challenged to take in a lot of new knowledge and apply that directly into your business idea.

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Do I need knowledge on sustainability?

It is not necessary to have specific knowledge on sustainability or circular economy. We welcome all talents that want to make a positive impact. You can have any study background, we believe that interdisciplinary teams can create to most innovatieve ideas.

How does the selection process work?

The selection is based on your motivation and resume. When you are selected you will be invited to participate through email. You have then 24 hours to confirm your participation. If you do not respond in a timely fashion, your invitation is voided and a new candidate will be approached. Be sure to watch your inbox and spambox closely in the week of the 28th 29th  and 30th of October!

Registration for the program does not automatically result in participation in the program when more candidates register than there are positions available.

Once you have confirmed your invitation your participation is final. Accepting the invitation to participate is not without any obligations on your side. The organisations and partners of the Venlo Circular Challenge count on your enthusiastic and presence on all of the event days!

Are there any costs?

No, participation is free of charge, including entrance, food and drinks. It is excluding travelling expenses.

Who is organising the Venlo Circular Challenge?

The City of Venlo has initiated the Venlo Circular Challenge, to involve local companies and students or graduates to create new innovatieve and sustainable solutions for a strong future. SustainableMotion has more than 5 year of experience in organizing project that excels young talent to come up with new innovatieve ideas.

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