Making old energysystems sustainable

Office Depot’s European Headquarters 20.000 m2 is located in Venlo and houses 1000 employees. The office complex was constructed in 6 phases between 1995 and 2001. As a result of this, the complex is a collection of different parts, systems and installations. This fragmented setup of scantly interconnected systems is not efficient and there is a lot of room for sustainable and circular improvements. Parts of the system are ready to be replaced and now that the construction phase is complete, the opportunity is there to look at all the six buildings as one closed system. This is perfect moment for circular and sustainable investments. However, using new sustainable or circular systems is often more expensive than buying less sustainable or resource efficient systems. Office Depot is a publicly listed company, its shares are sold and bought on the stock exchange. In this business environment, short term profits and financial results are more important for the top management layers than long term business and sustainability goals.