Changing the quality perception of remanufactured parts

Océ is a global leader in digital imaging, industrial printing and collaborative business services. As a member of the Canon Group, Océ develops, innovates and provides products, services and technologies for large format, continuous feed, cutsheet and sheetfed printing, and document and workflow management.  Part of their sustainability and circular economy strategy is to maximize the re-use of used parts. Parts-for-reuse are old service parts and parts taken out of equipment  which are returned to Océ at the end of the equipment’s life. Océ invests in a quality remanufacturing and refurbishment process to make these parts as good as new. The remanufactured parts are used as service parts and sold with the same quality as new parts. A great example of applying circular economical principals in a manufacturing process. However, there is a problem. Customers when presented with the choice of buying a new part or a remanufactured part of the same quality, still choose to buy the new part. The customer of the parts seem to have different perception of the value of remanufactured parts. Remanufacturing old parts and re-using them in new equipment is a perfect way to contribute to the Circular Economy and boost the resource efficiency of Océ.